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What's The Most Environmentally Friendly Way To Water Your Lawn?

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When you have a lawn to maintain, you know what it can do to your water bill. Using all that water also isn't always best for the environment. Here's how you can get your lawn the water it needs while staying green.

Can You Skip a Lawn?

In some areas, there's a movement to replace lawns with native plants, rocks, vegetable gardens, or even artificial turf. If you go with native plants, the idea is you don't need any water except for your natural rain cycles. If you have a vegetable garden, it often can use less water than grass, but even if it doesn't, you're still reducing your carbon footprint by growing your own food.

There's a couple of problems with not having a lawn. First, certain communities simply won't allow it. If you don't have green grass, the homeowners association will fine you. Second, sometimes you want to have a lawn for your kids or dogs to play on, or you may just want that look.

Storing Rainwater

One option for watering your lawn is to store rainwater. The typical setup is to capture the rain that hits your roof by running your gutters into a storage tank. You then hook the tank up into your sprinkler system and use the stored water to handle the waterings between rain.

This setup comes from people saving water for indoor use, but it doesn't work in many places for lawn watering. If you don't have a lot of rain to water your lawn directly, it's hard to store up enough water to cover all of the time during the year when you don't have rain.

Installing a Well

Installing a well can be an excellent option for watering your lawn. You may be able to get all of the water you need from natural sources and never run up your water bill again. Because wells use water from deep under the ground, they don't rely much on how much it rains. This allows you to use a well even if you only have short rainy seasons.

There is no difference between using well water and using the city water supply. You'll just need to contact your sprinkler system into the well. After that, you can run it on a timer or manually water as you always have.

To learn more about having a well installed, contact a local well drilling service like Russell Well Drilling today.