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3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Regular Drain Cleanings

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Have a bad odor lingering in your bathrooms? Or maybe mildew forming in your showers or sinks? The source of the issue could be your drains. Many people only have their drains cleaned or inspected when they have a clog. However, it may be wise to schedule drain cleanings before the clog even happens. In fact, regularly scheduled drain cleanings, through a company like Rapid Rooter Inc, could help you maintain a cleaner, healthier home.

Below are three reasons why you may want to have your drains cleaned on a regular basis, even if you don't have a clog that needs fixed. A local plumber can clean your drains and also identify other issues you may want to address:

Clog prevention. Perhaps the biggest benefit of drain cleaning is that it prevents clogs from developing. As waste is eliminated through your drains, dirt, grime, and other elements can stick to the inside of the pipes. Over time, that waste can accumulate to form a clog. If you notice water backing up from your drains or pooling in your sinks or showers, it means a clog has already developed. It can often be more costly and complicated to clear a clog than it is to simply clean the drains.

Also, that waste buildup can do damage to your pipes over time. The dirt and grime can lead to corrosion. That can cause leaks, which may be very costly and complicated to repair and could do serious damage to your home or yard. You can prevent all these issues with regular drain cleanings.

Improved cleanliness. Dirty drains or pipes can lead to issues that make it much harder to keep your home clean. For instance, you may notice strong odors that smell like sewage or trash coming from your showers and sinks. Or you may find that water sits in your tub after you take a bath or shower. These issues can make it harder to keep your home clean. The standing water can create mold or mildew. The odor can become tough to conceal, even with strong air fresheners.

Again, a drain cleaning can resolve these issues. The standing water likely comes from a partial blockage in the drain, which slows the drain's ability to remove water. The odor may also come from a partial blockage as waste accumulates inside the pipes. A cleaning can remove that partial blockage.

Preventive maintenance. Another important benefit of regular drain cleanings is that it allows a plumber to see what's going on in your pipes. While cleaning the drains, they may notice other issues, like a crack developing or perhaps corrosion in your pipes. They can then recommend action to prevent further damage. That could save you money as preventive action is usually much more affordable than dealing with damaged pipes or a major leak at a later date.

Ready to improve your pipes and drainage? Contact a plumber in your area today to schedule your cleaning.