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5 Pieces Of Lawn Care Equipment To Bring Your Landscape To The Next Level

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To keep your own yard looking good, you absolutely need the basics like a lawnmower, a rake, and a hose for watering. But what if you're not happy with just the basics? What if you want your yard to look truly spectacular and be the talk of the town? Then, you're going to need a little more equipment -- including the five following items.

1. A Lawn Aerator

Aerating your lawn basically means you punch tiny holes in the soil, which allows water and air to permeate down and reach the roots of the grass. There are small aerators that look like pitchforks that you can use by hand; these only cost $20 or $30. There are also aerators that you can attach to your lawn tractor and pull behind you. The pull-behind version is often the better choice if you have a big lawn.

2. De-Thatchers

In the spring, you may find that your lawn has a lot of dead, brown grass on top of it. You can get rid of this with a tool called a de-thatcher, which looks like a big rake that you pull behind your tractor. De-thatching your lawn every spring ensures the light can get to the new, young grass leaves -- which guarantees that the grass starts growing early.

3. A Leaf Blower

Raking leaves is essential for keeping your lawn looking great. However, raking takes a really long time. Blowing your leaves to one corner of your lawn is a lot easier and saves a lot of time. A leaf blower is a small device that you can invest in once and use again and again for years. You can use it to clean up grass clippings, too!

4. A Sprayer

Applying fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals to your lawn is a lot easier if you have a pressurized sprayer. This type of sprayer has a pump on the top, so you can pump the sprayer full of air and then spray the contents very quickly. Your fingers won't hurt as they may after using a standard trigger spray bottle!

5. A Roller

A lumpy lawn does not look very nice! You could hire someone to come roll the lawn -- or you could pay a little more to buy a roller than you can use again and again. Rollers are typically designed to pull behind your tractor, so many sure you buy one that is compatible with your lawn tractor.

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