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Tight Yard Space, Shed Delivery, And Protection Of Personal Property: Making It Work

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So, you want to put a nice, big storage shed on your property. The good news is that it comes already fully assembled. The bad news is, there does not seem to be a way to get it into your yard and drop it where you want it. Your yard is a decent size, but other structures present make it difficult to maneuver around it.

You may be able to move the makeshift fence out of the way on the back corner of your property and use the parking lot behind your property to make the delivery easier. There is just one extra problem with that; protecting your property after you manage this shed delivery. Here is how to make this all work.

Get Permission from the Parking Lot Owner 

If this is going to work, it is only going to work because you got permission from the parking lot owner to have a large moving truck backing into your lot via the parking lot behind your own property. Most businesses may allow this so long as the delivery truck is not going to take up too much of the parking lot and the truck will be gone in an hour or less. When you schedule your delivery, you will need to A) inform the delivery service of how best to drop off your shed, and B) inform the owner of the parking lot the day and time you expect to borrow some of his/her parking lot space.

Removing or Adding Fencing

If you currently have a makeshift fence that prevents people from cutting through the neighborhood via your yard, you will need to remove about three or four panels if you intend to get the truck to back onto your property. If you have no fencing at all, you are definitely going to want to add some temporary fence panels after your shed has been successfully placed and delivered. Construction contractors often use temporary fencing to keep people from entering the property and prevent theft of supplies.

Similarly, you want to prevent people from damaging or squatting in your new shed. Contact a fencing contractor and ask about renting some temporary fencing until you are ready to install a new fence. Since you are able to work from the outside of your property in (with neighbors' permission), you can place these temporary fence panels as close to your new shed as you want.