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Tips To Help You Check And Repair Insulation Levels In Your Attic

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Your home is a barrier of protection to you and your family from the outside elements and extreme temperatures throughout the year. And the level of insulation within your home's walls, floors, and especially your attic keep your home comfortable during winter and summer and also help reduce your home's utility bills. An under-insulated attic is a big area of home energy loss in your home. Here are some steps to help you check the insulation inside your attic and repair it, as necessary.

Check Attic Energy Gaps

You can safely check the interior of your attic for indications you have inefficient insulation within your attic space. A lack of insulation can allow heat to creep into your attic during the winter to escape your home and out your roof. And warming your roof in winter can lead to ice dam formation and damage on your roof if you live in a northern climate.

Safely access your attic space while the temperature outside is cooler, which keeps the attic temperature lower. Look for any gaps between the attic joists and roll style batting insulation, as it can occasionally shift. Look for missing batting insulation and also any damaged or missing areas of spray insulation.

Turn off your illumination inside the attic and turn on the lights in your home living space below to look for any areas where light may come up through the attic floor. This can indicate gaps and cracks in your attic floor around areas, such as electrical openings and ventilation seals where your home's energy can escape through into your attic. You should seal up these areas to prevent further energy loss into your attic.

Repair Deficiencies

While safely in your attic, re-position any shifted batting insulation and place new batting into areas it is missing. If your home has spray foam insulation, purchase a tube of the same type of insulation and fill the missing areas. You can also hire an insulation professional to have them replace your insulation with a higher R-value insulation to add the necessary protection to your home.

If there are any gaps in the floor of your attic where energy is escaping from your home, seal them up with caulk or spray foam insulation. You can find these products at home improvement stores, or you can hire your insulation professional to handle the repair.

Request a Home Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Some local utility companies offer a home energy audit to check the insulation levels in your home attic at no cost to you. Then, if any deficiencies are found they will install adequate insulation in your roof to make your home more energy efficient. These types of free programs are sponsored by specific government agencies to reduce the use of energy and help the environment. 

For more information, contact local insulation contractors.