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Restaining Wooden Storm Windows

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The funnest part about owning wooden storm windows is refinishing them. That is, over time, you can completely revamp the look of your windows by applying a new finish. What will age naturally, adding character and style to your fixtures. However, you will often need to reapply a stain finish to preserve the wood. Whether you are just refinishing your hardwood windows to change the style, cover up some bumps and bruises, or just because you want to reinforce existing finish, the hardest part is going to be prepping the wood. This article explains the best way to prep hardwood windows before restaining them.

Removing the Old Stain

Even if you are just planning on restaining your hardwood windows the exact same color that they already are, it is highly recommended that you remove the existing stain. That is, you will need to sand off the finish to expose the wood. This way, the new stain can soak into the wood and create a stronger hold and more long-lasting finish. There are a few different ways to remove your existing stain. The best method is usually to just use power sanders.

However, you aren't going to be able to reach every square inch of your windows with just power sanders. You will also need some handheld sponge sanders that allow you to reach the crevices and corners. Some stains, especially if they are applied with multiple coats and have been on your window frames for decades, might be very difficult to remove.

Using Paint Strippers

This is why some people will also use chemical paint strippers. This helps to break down the stain, but it can't be very messy. Basically, when you use stain removing chemicals, you apply them onto the wood, let them soak in, and then wipe them away. In the end, you still loud end up having to use a sander to remove a majority of the stain. This is why it is usually smarter to just start out with and a power sander. Only resort to using the chemicals if the sander is breaking down the stain.

Steel Wool

Before you can start to stain the surface, you need to make it as smooth as possible. After sanding, use some steel wool to further smooth out the wood. In the end, restaining wooden windows is going to be a fun and relatively simple project. The hardest part its probably going to be the removal of the existing stain.

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