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Pros And Cons Of Having Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets

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If you're planning to have new cabinets installed in your kitchen, one of your first priorities should be to evaluate the variety of available cabinet materials. One material that you might not immediately consider is aluminum.

If you wondering about the merits of kitchen cabinets, it's worthwhile to carefully evaluate the pros and the cons before you move forward with your final decision. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind about this material.


Robustness: Aluminum is a highly robust material to choose for your kitchen cabinets, making it a valuable choice because of the use that your cabinets get. Wooden cabinets can sustain damage over time. For example, if you have long nails that scrape on the wood each time you grab the handle of a cabinet, this area may develop scratches or gouges over the years. The hard nature of aluminum means that this won't be an issue for you.

Modern look: When it comes to crafting a modern-looking kitchen, few cabinet materials will deliver in the same manner as aluminum. While you could technically paint laminate cabinets in a shiny silver paint, the reality is that they'll still look like painted laminate. With aluminum, you'll achieve the modern look that you may favor in your kitchen and throughout your home.


Ease of marking: While aluminum is robust to stand up against chips and scratches that might occur during everyday use, it can get marked easily. Wet or greasy fingers can leave fingerprints all over the surface of the aluminum cabinets, meaning that you may need to spend more time cleaning them than cabinets of a different material. This may not make aluminum the best material if you have children. Additionally, if you do a lot of frying, grease splatters may be more evident on the aluminum than on wooden cabinets.

Non-adaptability: Another potential downfall of aluminum cabinets is that you can't really change the appearance in time when you want a new look. With laminate, for example, you can repaint the cabinets to give your kitchen a completely new look. Although it's possible to paint aluminum, doing so may not give you the desired effect. For example, your cabinets may look like painted aluminum, rather than a more conventional style that you may be looking for.

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