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Options For In-Home Health Care Home Remodeling

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Taking on the idea of having a loved one age in place through home health care options is something many people are facing daily. With this option you may have to face contacting a home remodeling contractor. If your home is not already set up for in-home health care, you will need to make several adjustments to accommodate your loved one, especially if they are wheelchair bound. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Walk-In Shower

One of the first remodeling projects you can discuss with your home remodeling contractor is converting a bathroom to contain a walk-in shower. These stalls have no lip and a frameless shower door. This allows someone who has difficulty with mobility or who may be wheelchair bound to take a traditional shower easily. They do not have to worry about lifting their legs over a shower stall ledge or having little room to maneuver. A home remodeling contractor can take an existing shower and convert it easily into a walk-in shower. They can also take a smaller bathroom and expand it, if the wall space allows, and create a walk-in shower for your loved one.

Indoor and Outdoor Ramps

If your loved one is moving to a home health stage, then they may already have issues with getting up and down stairs outside and inside the home. One of the projects your home remodeling contractor can handle for you is removing small areas of stairs in the home and outside of the home to replace them with ramps. These ramps are easier to maneuver and can accommodate walkers, canes, and wheelchairs easily. You can have rails placed that run the length of the ramps as well and have the ramps curve if the area, usually outside areas, is too steep with just one ramp.

Wheelchair Stair Lift

There are some indoor stair areas that can not simply benefit from a ramp. For these staircases, you may need some further assistance. A home remodeling contractor can install a stairway wheelchair lift for your loved one. This lift has an attached chair that allows your loved one to move up the stairs safely. You can also find lifts that have an attachment that allows your loved one to use their wheelchair instead of having to slide from one chair to the lift and then to another chair.

You can discuss these options with your home remodeling contractor and listen to any suggestions they may have. Try to find a contractor that has experience with remodeling for in-home health care clients. They will give you options, pricing, and some ideas that you may not have considered to make your life and your loved one's life easier.