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Using Clear Span Structures For An Outdoor Concert

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Outdoor concerts are a great summer activity, but it can be difficult to find places to hold them. Thankfully, clear span structures can be purchased and installed to provide an instant outdoor venue that is easy to build and tear down.

What Are Clear Span Structures?

Clear span structures are temporary buildings that can be put up quickly and torn down to provide people with a sturdy and protected building. These structures are built by a variety of manufacturers and are a great way of creating a unique and reusable structure for outdoor concerts. Most manufacturers will build them specific to a person's needs, making them even more useful.

Their Benefits For Holding A Concert

These clear span temporary buildings have a variety of benefits that make them perfect for an outdoor concert. Just a few of these benefits include:

  • Easy to install – It should take no more than a few hours for a small group of people to build the framework and install the cloth top.
  • Adjustable sizing – Temporary buildings like this are modular, meaning they can be adjusted for width, depth, and height quickly and easily.
  • Protects the band from the elements – While outdoor concerts are a great way to enjoy a summer day, sudden rain storms or wind can affect the band's performance. Temporary buildings like this protect them from much of this weather.
  • Adaptable to multiple locations – Many temporary buildings require absolutely flat ground to install. Clear span buildings do not, making them a great choice for an outdoor concert.

It should be clear that clear span structures offer many benefits to those who are interested in hosting an outdoor concert. Setting them up properly for one requires ensuring that it is the right size and that amenities for the concert are provided.

Installing One Properly For A Concert

Using one of these buildings for an outdoor concert requires measuring the size of the stage needed for the concert. This should include enough room for all the band members, their instruments, and equipment (such as amplifiers). Twenty square feet is probably a good start here, though more room may be necessary.

After installing and adjusting the structure for the stage, it is important to run extension cords to the stage so that bands can plug in their instruments. These can be connected to a generator or another electricity provider in order to make the concert successful. It is also important to set up seating in front of the building for attendees to sit down and enjoy the concert.

By carefully adjusting the modular building structure and adjusting it for the concert's unique needs, it is possible to maximize attendance in a positive way. These structures are great because they can then be broken down, stored, and used for another event later.