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Keeping Critters Out Of Your Dumpster

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Maintaining your dumpsters takes more than keeping them safe from traffic and only discarding the appropriate materials in them. Often, you have to fight off ornery pests who love to dig through your refuse. To keep things sanitary and wildlife free, you should take measures to keep raccoons, squirrels, and other animals out of your dumpsters. 


You need to keep the lids down on your dumpsters at all times except when you are actually dumping garbage into them. This action will not only cut down on disagreeable odors—it will also help keep pests out. If there is even a crack available, an animal will be able to squeeze inside. If the opening is small, the animal may be able to get in and not get out, causing another issue you will have to confront. Remember that animals like raccoons may look cute, but they can be dangerous. If one gets trapped in your dumpster, you will need to call animal control to have it safely removed, causing you and the raccoon unnecessary stress. If the lids of your dumpsters are loose or tend to blow open, secure them with tie-down cords. The extra effort that this requires will save you and the local animal life from serious problems.


The pests that come for your garbage are attracted by the smell of food. Local domestic animals and wild creatures are likely to come to your business or home in response to this delicious odor. Taking the time to minimize this smell is an excellent way to discourage pests. Experts recommend spraying the inside of your garbage bags with ammonia or bleach water to eliminate the odors that attract animal life. Keeping a spray bottle handy for this purpose will make this step easier. An alternative is to purchase scented garbage bags that can help mute the smell of food as well. You also need to carefully maintain the area around the dumpsters. If scraps are on the ground near the dumpsters, the animals will come in droves. 

Animals are naturally attracted to dumpsters. These containers must seem like an all-you-can-eat buffet to your animal friends. You and the animals can suffer if they keep infiltrating your garbage because they leave a mess and can be trapped. Taking a few easy precautions can help keep the pests away and make your life easier. Inform your employees and/or family members of the new rules. Then, you should be able to concentrate on something more than garbage problems. For more tips, contact a company like RMS Containers.