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3 Ways To Keep Your Winter Heating Bills Low

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If you were in shock when you got your first heating bill of the winter, know that there are things that you're able to do that will lower your heating costs. While you may rush to turn that thermostat down, that is only one part in reducing how much heat you use. These 3 tips are some creative ideas you may not have thought about doing.

Use Area Rugs To Your Advantage

Do you have hardwood or tile flooring in your home? That could be causing you to feel like the house is colder than it actually is. As you walk on the cold tile or hardwood, it makes you feel much colder than if you were walking on a warm surface. Your response to the cold floor may be to turn the thermostat to a higher temperature, which only produces heat that rises to the ceiling rather than fall to the floor.

Placing some area rugs in places where your feet rest or commonly walk can cause a home to feel warmer than it really is. It will avoid giving you that urge to turn the heat up.

Use Drapery Properly

The natural heat from outside can help warm up your home so that your furnace doesn't have to. You may want to have some privacy during the day by closing all of your drapes, but you are blocking the sun when it could be used for heating purposes.

In the early morning, open up the drapes on the windows located on your home's east side to let in the sunlight. Then open the drapes on your home's west side during the afternoon. At night, close your drapes to prevent heat from escaping through your windows when the sun can't counteract it.

Use Your Fireplace

Your fireplace not only adds atmosphere to a house, but it can be effective at heating a small area that many people are gathered in. Have a blower fan installed in your fireplace that can help move the warm air out of the fireplace and into your living area. After the fire has been extinguished, you'll want to close your flue so that the warm air stays inside and doesn't escape through the chimney.

While these tips can be great to help cut down on your heating costs, the reason for a high bill may mean that something is wrong with your furnace. Contact a local HVAC repair company to come out to your home so that your furnace can have an inspection for potential problems or visit a website like