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The Advtanges Of Aluminum Windows

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New window installation is a process that definitely should be done by professional window contractors. However, there is still a lot for you, as the customer, to decide before having new windows installed. Most importantly, you need to choose the material of your window sashes. The window sash material will not only define your windows, it also has huge implications for the long-term maintenance and cleaning of your fixtures. If you're looking for a low maintenance and affordable product, you should definitely consider aluminum. This article explains the various advantages of choosing aluminum windows. 

Aluminum is the Most Affordable

First of all, most homeowners are drawn to aluminum because it is one of the most affordable options on the market. For example, an installed aluminum fixture can cost less than $400 compared to a similar vinyl fixture that will cost over $450. Meanwhile, a wooden fixture can cost over $800. This does not even take into account the extra maintenance required if you have wooden windows.  

Recycled Aluminum is Eco-Friendly

Aluminum is obviously one of the most widely recycled metals in the world. Because of this, you are able to find recycled aluminum windows in many great styles. This means you can have great peace of mind that you are buying a green product that will have minimal impact on the environment.

Aluminum is Produced in Many Colors

Aluminum windows come in any color you could imagine. They are painted using electrostatic techniques. This paint finish is extra durable and also seals it to protect against rust or water damage. The most popular colors can be bought over-the-counter at a window store, but you can also order custom colors for an extra fee.

Aluminum is Very Durable

Aluminum windows, as mentioned, are also very durable. Since it is a soft metal, it is more likely to dent than to do get scratched or crack. This means you don't need to be constantly making running repairs to your windows over the years.

Aluminum is Easy to Maintain

Aluminum is also very easy to maintain over the years. As long as the paint finish is intact, your aluminum will be completely waterproof. This means you can clean it with just about any liquid all-purpose cleaner.

It is easy to see why aluminum is such a common material in window construction. Is definitely a great option for homeowners who want an affordable, no-nonsense product in their home.