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3 Types Of Rock Fall Protection To Consider

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If you have been tasked with helping to remedy a potentially dangerous situation with loose soil or rocks, you're likely interested in getting a professional rock fall protection system installed. While you may think it's as simple as getting someone to throw up a barrier and call it a day, it's not that simple. Different types of soil embankments will require different tactics to safely secure. Here are three of the most common types of rock fall protection systems that a contractor is likely to recommend based on your situation.

HEA Panel

An HEA or High Energy Absorption Panel is made out of cables that are twisted together. It doesn't prevent a fall from happening, but serves as a barrier once the soil begins to move. With that said, you'll want to make sure that the panel can handle the worst case scenario you envision for the rock fall. This type of protection is typically used on steep or otherwise unstable slopes.

Hexagonal Mesh

Hexagonal mesh is a fancy name for a double-twisted safety net. The mesh works by stretching on impact, slowing the rock or soil's momentum and then returning to its original position. Because it's double twisted, the mesh can actually still work if one wire fails during the process or is otherwise cut. Because of the stretching, this type of protection is ideal for soil or rocks that will fall quite vertically from above, but can still be effective if there is more of a gradual slope on the hill the rock is coming down.

Soil Embankments

Soil embankments should be built when installing a mesh or similar system is not possible. For example, if the slope is simply too high up or too steep in order to properly install an HEA panel or mesh right on the slope, an embankment can be built at the bottom of the slope. Soil embankments are designed to hold up after a large impact. The embankment is usually reinforced with wire to give it some extra strength.

If you need to stop a potentially dangerous rock fall situation in its tracks, you'll want a professional to install a rock fall protection system. The exact type should be left up to the expertise of your contractor, but rest easy knowing there are multiple options available to ensure that you get the maximum protection you require. Contact a company like Geotech Solutions Inc for more information.