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What To Wear When Operating A Jackhammer During Roadway Repair

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A hydraulic or electric jackhammer will definitely speed up just about any roadway repair. A jackhammer is helpful whether you are demolishing an entire asphalt road or just trying to remove some rumble strips from a pathway. You can easily and affordably rent all types of jackhammers from most home improvement stores. However, these rentals will not include any of the necessary safety equipment. This article explains the most important safety equipment and clothing for operating a jackhammer. Some of these items might already be in your wardrobe, but others can be bought at a home improvement store.


Footwear is of vital importance. All of the dangerous vibrating and hammering is going to be happening right next to your toes. This is why it is vital that you wear steel-toed boots. These will protect your feet in case of a slip. They are also very convenient for debris removal. As you jackhammer away, chunks of debris will be loosened, but you will need to move out of the way. With steel-toed boots, you can kick away loose debris and speed up the jackhammering.


It might sound obvious, but long pants are very important. Thick jeans or work pants will offer your shins a valuable layer of protection. Flying debris from the hammer spade will fly upward. In most cases, this debris will be heading straight to your shin. You would be surprised how many people try to beat the heat by wearing shorts while they work... they end up with bloody shins. Wear thick pants!


You also need to protect your eyes from debris. Many people make the mistake of thinking that eyeglasses are protective enough. But, this is simply not the case when using a jackhammer. The debris that flies upward might fly all the way up to your head. Since the debris is flying straight up, it can fly right underneath normal glasses. Wearing protective goggles will not only prevent debris from hitting your eyeballs, it will also protect them from drying out due to all the dust.

Work Gloves

Last, but not least, you should wear comfortable leather gloves. You may even want to wear an old pair of golf or baseball batting gloves if you have a pair. The vibrating on the handle can quickly cause your hands to blister. Be careful if your gloves have thick seams. These can actually worsen the blistering if they are in the wrong position. This is why it is a good idea to wear a worn-in pair of gloves that you know won't cause blisters.

With these basic pieces of safety equipment, your roadway repair will be much less painful. Visit for more information.