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Three Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

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The roof of your home plays an integral role in protecting the interior from weather elements such as rain and snow. As such, it's important to hire the right roofing contractor whether you need part of your roof repaired or you want the entirety of the roof replaced. Don't simply hire the first roofing contractor whose name you hear; instead, consult with neighbors and friends to put together a small list of names. Then, you can call each contractor to ask about his or her credentials and rates, as well as pose some questions to help you make your decision. Here are three such questions that are important to ask.

Does The Size Or Shape Of My Roof Pose Any Challenges?

Not every roofing job is the same, so it's important that the contractor understands the layout of your home, the age of the roof and other factors to be able to predict any challenges that might arise. For example, if you're getting a repair job done, the roofer could uncover more rotten sheathing beneath the shingles than expected. Hearing of the likelihood of any potential issues, as well as the added cost of fixing them, is beneficial.

Do You Haul Away Waste From The Job?

Some roof repair projects can generate a significant amount of waste in the form of old shingles and plywood, but if you're having your entire roof replaced, you can expect a significant amount of waste. It's important to ask if the roofing contractor will be taking care of the removal of the waste; the last thing you want to experience is having the roofing job done but then finding out you have to rent a dumpster or a truck to cart the waste to the dump. Ensure that your contractor has a waste management solution and that this service will be fully reflected when you receive your written estimate for the job.

How Will You Limit The Risk Of My Child Stepping On A Nail?

A large roofing job involves the use of a countless number of roofing nails. Inevitably, some of the old nails from the old roof or some new nails will get spilled on your lawn. It's important to hire a contractor who will explain a clear strategy for limiting the risk of one of your family members stepping on a nail at a later date. Many contractors will patiently comb your grass with magnetic devices until they feel confident that they've gathered all the nails that fell during the job.

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