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Three Ways To Increase Your Showerhead's Water Pressure

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Whether you like to shower in the morning as a pick-me-up or you prefer a relaxing shower at night, you want the water to flow out at full-force. If your showerhead is operating with reduced flow, there are a number of ways you can rectify this problem.

Clean The Showerhead

When a showerhead starts to operate at a reduced rate, a dirty showerhead is likely the culprit. While it might not seem so, a showerhead can get quite dirty. This is especially the case when it comes to handheld shower heads. Scum from soap, shampoo and dirt can all clog the holes in the showerhead.

Minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, can also clog up the shower head, particularly if you have hard water. Whether it's dirt or minerals that clog the head, it will reduce the rate at which water is able to pass through. Use a wet wire brush to scrub the showerhead and remove the buildup to see if this corrects the problem.

Remove Flow Restrictor

Depending on the design of the showerhead, it might have a flow restrictor installed inside it. This is commonly the case if the head is designed to be water-efficient, as this device automatically minimizes water flow. To check if your head has a flow restrictor, you can use a pair of pliers to open the showerhead.

Once inside, look for a small, plastic, disk-like structure with a small hole inside it. If your head has one of these, use your fingers to gently remove this device and put the head back together. Without the restrictor, water should be able to flow out more aggressively.

Install Amplifying Showerhead

If you live in an apartment or other rental property that does not allow you to manipulate water pressure on your own, you should consider installing an amplifying showerhead. Many properties like this have low pressure settings to minimize water usage.

An amplifying showerhead serves a dual purpose of saving on water while also increasing the velocity at which water flows through the showerhead. The increased velocity will create somewhat of an illusion of increased water pressure. When shopping for a new showerhead, look for options that say amplifying or increased velocity.

In addition to these steps, a professional plumber can also assist you in this area. A plumber, like one from Stephens Plumbing And Heating Inc, can ensure there is not a deeper problem causing the issues to restore increased pressure to your shower.