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Is Your Furnace Rumbling And Banging? Possible Problems To Address

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If your furnace is getting louder and noisier every time it turns on, and the heat isn't pumping out, call the HVAC professionals before the problem becomes dangerous. The issue could be something as small as a loose panel on the furnace, or it could be more significant and problematic.

Homeowners should never try to work on their furnace without proper HVAC training because of the complicated mechanical parts and the gas lines, so get in contact with a local heating and cooling company. Ask the company about the following things.

Check the Gas Lines

If the furnace is rattling around then it could be shaking and moving, and this could disrupt the gas lines. You don't want to have any problems with your gas pipes, cracks, broken seals or leaks, so it's important to have the HVAC company check. They will have a machine that tests for gas, and they can tell if the pipes are corroding or causing problems.

Blower Motor

The blower motor is what blows the heat through the ventilation system, and if it gets loose or the blades aren't spinning properly it can cause the machine to shake. You don't want to try to repair this or disassemble the furnace to get to it on your own. Instead, the HVAC expert will check the blower motor and other components making the noise. This unit has enough power to shake the unit and echo noises throughout the ducts.

Loose Components

Loose bolts and ducts could be causing the rumbling noises, and can be a huge problem. If you have loose bolts that are supposed to be holding tubes, the pilot chamber and other items in place, they could put your furnace at the risk for a fire or exhaust problem. The fumes may not be exiting the furnace properly if a hose is loose, or the motor may be exposed and a risk for anyone near the furnace. The HVAC will check the components inside and out.

These are just a few of the many things that could be wrong with furnace. If your furnace is making a noise loud enough to hear through the vents and to draw your attention, it is signifying that something on the unit needs to be repaired. Licensed HVAC contractors can help diagnose the problem quickly before you at the risk of a safety hazard in the home because of the furnace.

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