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Three Tips For Cleaning A Spigot On A Kitchen Fire Suppression System

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Since there won't always be enough time to grab a fire extinguisher when your commercial stove catches on fire, getting some kind of kitchen fire suppression system directly above the cooking unit is essential. Even it's not explicitly illegal in your area to operate your restaurant without a specialized kitchen fire suppression system, your employees' nervousness will make them less efficient if you don't have one. When you want to maintain your kitchen fire suppression system by cleaning one of its spigots, use these three tips.

Use A Butter Knife To Pick Off Stubborn Liquid Stains

The first thing you should address is any dark stains (from liquid accidentally thrown upward by cooks) you see on the spigot. Especially if any of these stains are blocking the parts of the spigot that water comes out of, it's important that you completely remove them rather than just wipe away the topmost layers with soap and water.

A butter knife is an ideal tool for this job because it's strong enough to dislodge even the hardest stain but dull enough to present no danger to either your hands or to the spigot itself. Make sure that you gently stick the knife into as many spigot contours as possible to ensure that you get everything.

Clean The Metal From Side To Side Instead Of From Up To Down

Once you're done with your butter knife, your next tool will be a washcloth drenched in soapy water. Instead of cleaning the spigot by wrapping the washcloth around the unit's topmost part and forcing it downward, grip the spigot on its lowermost part and twist the washcloth around in a horizontal plane.

This method will ensure that you don't accidentally dislodge an old spigot or significantly damage a new one. Since repairing a specialized spigot on a commercial fire suppression system can be expensive, don't ever try to switch to another washing method.

Put A Fan In The Kitchen While The Spigot Is Drying

To ensure that the evaporating water on the spigot takes as many dirt particles with it as it can, put a fan in your kitchen to beef up the room's air circulation. As long as the weather outside isn't extremely humid, it's also a good idea to open any windows near the fire suppression system.

Only use a dry towel on the spigot after you've determined that most of the water you applied with your washcloth has evaporated already. The dry towel is useful for sucking up what few droplets remain, staving off the risk of the water serving as the base of another stain in the future.

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