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Three Tips For Securing Your Construction Site

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Your construction site is probably pretty secure when your crew is hard at work, but what can you do to make sure it doesn't get robbed or vandalized at night? There are several steps you can take to secure the area and prevent losses on your job site. Use these ideas the next time your firm begins a project.

Install Security Lights

Just as with home security, lights can deter criminals and vandals at construction sites. Install bright security lights throughout the construction area as well as in the space where you park your heavy equipment. Place lights on the corners of your security fences and at the gated entrances to eliminate dark corners where criminals could hide. If you have a construction office trailer at the site, place spotlights on all sides to illuminate the area even further. You can use motion sensor lights to surprise would-be thieves, but keeping the lights on all night provides the illusion of someone being at the job site all night long.

Add Enhanced Security Fences

A temporary security fence keeps animals and children away from your job site, but it may require a few modifications to deter criminals. If your job site is located in a high-crime neighborhood or if you have a considerable amount of equipment being stored on-site consider renting security fencing with barbed wire at the top. This will deter people from trying to scale the fence. You can also add a windscreen that blocks the view of your job site from the street, so thieves and vandals can't see what types of equipment and tools your crew is using and storing overnight. To see more type of construction fences that will help you deter thieves, visit

Digitally Track Your Tools

RFID and GPS technology can be used to track your tool and equipment inventory. By tagging tools and machinery with these digital tracking devices, you can locate stolen items quickly and ensure that all needed items are present and accounted for at the job site. Since your crew will know that each item is tagged, you'll be able to prevent internal theft. If someone breaks in and steals the tools, you can use the GPS tracking to help the police locate and recover your items. Digital tags can also eliminate confusion when your crew members use their own tools at a job site, so you can make sure that no one takes the wrong items home with them at the end of each work day.

Keeping your job site and equipment secure for any construction project. Consider these three options for deterring theft while creating a safe and secure work area for your crew.