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The Differences Between Vinyl And Aluminum Windows

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There are many reasons to invest in new Andersen windows for your home. There are countless different materials that window frames can be made out of. Most homeowners are looking for a material that is practical, stylish and affordable. Aluminum and vinyl are two of the most commonly installed window frames. This article will explain the main differences between the two materials.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are among the most common in tract homes. It is an ideal window material because it is lightweight. Aluminum windows are powder coated or electrostatically paint for a strong finish. These materials give aluminum a smooth finish that is very durable and weather resistant. This, combined with the lightness, makes vertical sliding windows very easy to operate. You can find aluminum windows in just about any type of style: sliding, casement, bay, fixed and many more. Since aluminum is so light, yet extremely strong, it is even suitable for larger frames.

The main drawback to aluminum windows is that they are subject to rust. Over time, moisture on the exterior side of the frame can lead to rusting. This is extremely problematic on sliding windows, as they could become difficult to open and close.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is also a very practical and affordable window material. For starters, vinyl is a great material because it is perfectly waterproof. It does not rust or swell due to moisture. It can remain waterproof for years without any maintenance or special care. You can easily clean vinyl window frames by just using glass cleaners.

Vinyl is different from aluminum in that it is dyed and not painted. The entire piece of a vinyl frame is dyed the same color. So, you do not need to worry about the paint chipping off. If your vinyl frame does chip or scratch, it will not be that noticeable because there will be no color change. Just like aluminum, you can find vinyl frames in just about any color. Vinyl frames can also be produced in different textures. A slightly textured finish is great on sliding windows because it reduces the friction. It can also reduce the shininess of vinyl and give the frame a more natural looking matter finish.

It is easy to find a great vinyl or aluminum product, no matter what your home style is. Since the two products are similarly priced, you should choose the product that best suits your style. For professional help, contact a company like W. T. Fary Bros Lumber Co.