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2 Ways To Make Your AC More Functional

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Is your AC not quite as cold and powerful as it used to be? There are many possible reasons why your AC unit might not be producing as well as it used to be. Most people assume that the problem is with the actual unit. In reality, there are many other factors that could affect the effectiveness of your AC system. Luckily, you can make a few repairs on your own that could make your system more efficient. This article will explain two quick but effective ways to make your AC more functional. These repairs are simple and do not require any special tools or equipment.

Cleaning the Condenser Coils

The outside of most AC units is lined with condenser coils. The aluminum coils are visible, but usually protected by metal grates. Air is sucked in through the coils, so it is very important that they are as clean as possible. The coils basically serve as a filter for the air conditioner. If the coils are clogged, the AC unit will have trouble converting outside air into cold air. So, cleaning your condenser coils will increase the coldness of your air. It will also put less stress on your AC's engine, saving electricity and protecting the unit in the long run.

To clean the coils, you should unplug the power supply and then spray them down with a hose. Do not use too strong of a stream (or a pressure washer) because it could bend the coils. Dust, dirt and leaves can significantly clog the coils, so a light stream should get all this debris out.

Cleaning the Air Registers

Cleaning your air registers is another easy way to reduce the stress on your AC unit and increase airflow. To give your registers a thorough cleaning, you should remove them from the wall. This is very easy if you have a cordless power drill. Most registers are attached to the wall with just 2 screws. Once the registers are off the wall, you should clean the back side. Remove any dust or dirt that clogs the vents. If you notice moldy buildup on your vents, you should clean it off by scrubbing them with a wet sponge. Basic household cleaners can help get stubborn gunk and mold buildup. However, try not to let your aluminum or wooden vents get too wet. When you put the registers back on the walls, you should notice better airflow.

These two simple repairs could greatly increase the efficiency of your AC unit. For more information, contact an AC company like Bill's Plumbing Heating & Air.