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3 Things You Should Know Before Building A Custom Home

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Building a custom home is a very exciting time. For many people, this means that they have finally achieved a life long goal of having the means and the ability to build their dream home. However, if you aren't prepared you can make some costly mistakes that can make your home building experience miserable rather than positive. Here are some things you should know.

1. Don't Act As Your Own Contractor

Some people think that they will save money by acting as their own contractor. This is a mistake. Going through and hiring your own subcontractors is a major headache. Not to mention, you don't know how the subcontractors will work together, so you might be dealing with poor workmanship.

When you hire a general contractor they will bring in subs that are used to working with each other, whom they trust and know do a good job. In addition, the general contractor takes care of getting supplies and overlooking the work of others. Most people find that they don't save any money by hiring their own subs, but they do waste a lot more time.

2. Build The Right House For The Lot

Some people make the mistake of choosing their dream home without thinking about the lot. The size and shape of the lot should be a decider in what floor plan you choose. If the lot slopes you need to be careful about your basement. In addition, if you choose to get a "mirror image" of the plans you need to talk to the architect. Don't assume that you can simply flip it without any problems.

Your contractor and architect can help you decide what you need to do to make sure that your house is a good fit for the lot. 

3. Invest In Good Plans and Take Your Time

Although you may be in a hurry to get your dream home built, you shouldn't sacrifice preparation. Getting good plans is essential to building your dream home. This is the time when you should measure twice (or a dozen times) and then cut. Take your time with your architect. You may need to rent a property so that you are not rushed, or chose to move everything into a storage unit. If you feel rushed because you are under a deadline, you may not prepare as well and make costly mistakes.

By doing these three things you can be sure that you are avoiding problems when building your custom homes.