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4 Ways to Reduce the Amount of Moisture in the Basement

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A large amount of moisture in the basement is common since the basement is the lowest part of the home and sits underneath the soil. The basement also makes the perfect environment for excessive moisture buildup since it can be difficult to air this space out. With excessive moisture comes the potential for water damage as well as mold growth, which is why you want to know these four ways to help reduce the amount of moisture in your basement:

  1. Reduce Seepage: You want to look around the perimeter of the basement from the outside to help reduce the seepage. This means you want to regrade the soil around the basement to prevent water from being directed to the foundation. You also want to be sure that all downspouts are directed away from the foundation. Another important thing to check on regularly is the gutters. The gutters on the roof of your home need to be cleaned as often as possible to ensure that clogs and breaks aren't causing water to pour directly to the foundation of the basement. 
  2. Fill Cracks: Any cracks or holes in the basement walls need to be filled. Even if the cracks cannot possibly allow water into the home right now, they can grow larger if they are not taken care of as soon as possible. Be sure that you use a high-quality filler that you can purchase from your local home goods store that was created specifically for basement wall cracks and holes. These are the best at keeping water and moisture out.
  3. Seal Foundation: Seal the foundation of the basement with a bonding cement. Simply apply it with a trowel around the edges of the foundation. This is going to help prevent water from making its way into the basement. The cement will stop it from easily sinking underneath the foundation.
  4. Install Sump Pump: Installing a sump pump is really important for your basement if you live in an area that is in a high-risk flood zone. You may not want to undertake the large project, but it can save you thousands in the case of a flood since the pump will remove excess water. You will need to hire a contractor to install this pump for you.

Knowing these few ways to reduce the amount of moisture in the basement of your home will ensure that you are able to save yourself from major water damage in the future. You might also wish to contact a professional from a company like B & B Basement Waterproofing to inspect, diagnose, and treat your wet basement.