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Fresh Options For A Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

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The backsplash of your stove, sink or countertop is one area where you can get creative. The visual space also has the ability to pull all of your décor together. Ceramic tile is not only a durable and attractive material, it affords you numerous opportunities for freshening up your kitchen backsplash.

Dark Backsplash

Using dark tile can be very chic in your kitchen. For instance, choose ceramic subway tiles in charcoal also grouted in charcoal. Another option is selecting large porcelain tiles in chocolate brown. Use the dark color as a neutral base for the rest of the décor. For example, match the chocolate brown with creamy beige paint and natural wood cabinetry. Likewise, select accents that pop with color.

Exotic Patterns

Patterned tile can make a real statement in your kitchen. Find a pattern with colors and shapes that appeal to you, and use the tiles as the foundation of your kitchen décor. Consider selecting an exotic pattern inspired by Italy or Morocco. Both countries have a rich history of utilizing tile work in attractive design, and the resultant ceramic is typically made of bold colors and shapes.

Shapely Tile

Many homeowners think only of patterning for creative backsplash ideas. However, playing with shape is another option. Better Homes and Gardens suggests trying a tile shape such as triangle. Select ceramic tiles in basic colors, and let the geometry take center stage. The result is a modern look to your backsplash.

Earth Tones

You can never go wrong with earth tones. Not only do they match almost any color scheme, but they can serve as a backdrop to make other colors seem brighter. If you want your backsplash to be more of the focal point, consider selecting smaller tiles set in a mosaic pattern. Ensure you have a range of tones such as sand, cream and dark chocolate to give the pattern depth.

White Out

White is the most classic of all neutrals. A white backsplash is ideal for small kitchens as it adds the illusion of space, but white is attractive for any size area. One option is to add dimension to a modern kitchen by having subway tiles grouted in light gray. Another choice is to select oversized and glossy white tiles, which can add a touch of sophistication. Shapes and even subtle patterns are other choices for utilizing white tile in your kitchen backsplash.

Your backsplash can drive the whole look of your kitchen. Make it elegant, bold or whimsical depending on your choice of ceramic tiles from a company like Rainwood Interiors Inc.