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Updating Old Kitchens For Better Work Flow

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Small, easily clogged pipes and slow food preparation are just two indicators of an old, under-powered kitchen that could use a serious jump start. As you plan for changes to your kitchen, consider a few upgrade points that can make cooking faster, cleaning easier, and breakdowns less common.

Pipe Changes Are Cheaper Than Ever

Older homes may be dealing with old plumbing that was designed to save money by being smaller. The pipes may be barely large enough to pass a few chunks of food and water before suffering a debilitating clog at the hands of a sturdy piece of turnip.

Newer pipes are not only larger, but benefit from advanced modeling techniques that bring the wonders of modern science to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. Whether you choose plastics such as PVC, copper, or brass pipes, you can rely on new pipe shaping techniques to get the best movement from your drained food waste.

Modern pipes can be designed with fast, highly-accurate computer programs by engineers with new ideas on a daily basis. These designs can take advantage of gravity by creating additional loops and turns to increase suction as water goes through the pipes.

Shapes and turns once thought to be imaginary and wishful thinking can be designed and printed into a mold within hours to deliver new designs. The best of those designs for the value can be found in almost any major hardware store, and a plumber can help you find the perfect shape for your available kitchen space.

Raise Your Food Cleaning To A Higher Standard

Many kitchen sinks suffer from short faucets that don't allow you to get the most out of your kitchen's working space. There are a lot of common options that can give you more working area, but the right combination can allow you to work entirely out of the sink.

With an arched or hoop faucet design, you can fit large bowls or buckets inside the sink without being blocked. Standard faucet designs require you to use containers that are shorter than the sink and may require moving the faucet to the other side of the sink. Arch faucets allow a lot more overhead room.

Combine an arched faucet with a deeper sink for optimum room, but be sure to have a plumber assess the area underneath the sink. You may not have enough room below the sink for optimal plumbing as well as a deeper sink. Opt for a raised faucet mount to give yourself more room in that case. Contact a plumbing service like Allright Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to plan a great new kitchen design.