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3 Treatments To Remove Moss On Your Roof

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Is your roof overrun by moss? If so, there are many ways to combat this problem. Many people prefer the use of chemicals due to their effectiveness. Here is an overview of three common chemicals you may want to try:

Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach is sodium hypochlorite. It comes in different brand names and is suitable for use on a number of materials including metal and wood. Of course, you have to use it in the correct proportion as advised on each product's packaging by the manufacturer. You may need to treat the roof periodically to keep the moss away.

Chlorine bleach is slightly toxic to aquatic animals as well as plants. Therefore, don't let the chemical get into natural water sources or even your man-made ponds for fish. If it spills over to your plants, flood them with water as soon as possible.

Zinc Strips

The main advantage of this treatment is that it is more durable compared to bleaching. You can use zinc strips both to kill and prevent moss growth on your roof. However, is best if you apply it before the moss develop or before extensive growth. The strips are applied on both sides of the roof ridge caps located along the peaks of the roof. Hold down each strip by nailing it down at regular intervals. If you are worried about damaging your roof with nails, you may want a professional, like Drey Roofing, to install it for you.

When it rains, the water releases some zinc from the strips and runs with it down the roof. And since zinc is the main ingredient kills moss, you're entire roof will be protected after a good rainfall. However, there is a risk that some of the zinc will reach the vegetation or natural water sources in your area. This is not good since the metal can poison them. You can prevent such an occurrence by channeling your roof drainage away from the ground and into a container, and you can prevent an occurrence by addressing your city's waste and water rules.

Potassium Salts

To use potassium salts, all you have to do is attach the mixture to a hose and spray over the affected area. One of the best things about the treatment is that it will neither stain your roof nor harm the plants bordering your house. It doesn't corrode metals either. Unfortunately, it may not be as effective or fast-moving as the other options. 

Lastly, remember that walking on the roof is not only dangerous, but it can also damage the roof if you don't have any experience. So if the moss is too high for you to reach with a ladder, it's best to have a professional apply these solutions.