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Recognizing Foundation Troubles

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Many people will avoid buying a home that has foundation problems because they will run into quite a bit of money to have repaired. What happens if you are unaware of foundation troubles until after you bought your home, though? Are there ways to fix foundation problems? Luckily, foundation problems can be remedied. If you suspect you have a foundation problem, you will want to contact a professional foundation specialist in order to plan a course of action. Here are some of the symptoms of a home with foundation problem and some ways it can be repaired.

Do A Check Around Perimeter

You can do a check of your home by going outside and taking a look at the cement that makes up your foundation. If you notice any cracks, test the depth by inserting the pointed end of a pencil. If the pencil disappears up to the painted surface, you will want to have the area further assessed by a professional.

Additional Signs of Foundation Problems

If you notice your doors do not close evenly, you may have underlying foundation troubles. When you open a door, it should not swing shut by itself, but stay open until you physically close it by hand. Doors that swing shut can signify that your home is uneven, or that the foundation is starting to slip. Another sign is when you see cracks in the upper corners of your window and door frames. 

Another sign of potential foundation problems would be if you have roof leaks, especially if your roof is not that old. Water that will pool up along the perimeter of your home instead of being directed away by gutters can also be a sign of a foundation problem. Water should go downstream, but if the foundation has shifted, it may stay along side your home.

How Can It Be Repaired?

Foundation repairs will need to be handled by a professional. If the damage is escalating quickly, you may need to have a slabjacking procedure done to put your house back into its original positioning. Grout would be injected beneath a beam under your home to help lift your home so it is once again even. Another method used is called piering. This is when hydraulic jacks would be used to lift your home. Then steel poles would be placed underneath the foundation to push it back up to a safe location.