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How To Repair Your Apartment Building Parking Lot

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If you own an apartment building that has a parking area for tenants, you will want to make sure you take the time to make routine repairs to avoid injury or vehicle mishaps. Your parking area should be smooth, without any pot holes, cracks or crevices that a tenant could trip on when walking or become stuck in when driving. You will want to make sure wheel stops are placed appropriately so each person can be confident their vehicle will remain in its spot without rolling. Here are some instructions you can use to make some routine repairs to your parking area.

Filling In Cracks And Holes

You will want to note any location in your lot where there may be a crack or hole that needs to be filled. Walk through the parking lot and check each area, writing down any spots that will need repair. You can use this information to determine how much material you will need to buy to do the repair job.

Cracks can be filled in by using rubberized asphalt sealant. This can be bought at a hardware store. Place the sealant in a caulk gun and squeeze it into any cracked area in your lot. Use a putty knife to smooth it into place.

Larger cracks or holes will need to be filled in with some crushed gravel before adding the sealant to the area. Make sure the gravel is pushed down as far as it can by using the end of a hammer to squeeze it into place. The sealant will be squeezed into the gravel pile to keep from shifting and will placed on the top of the gravel to keep it from being seen.

Fixing Wheel Stops

If there are any wheel stops that seem to be crumbling or cracked, you will want to replace them with new wheel stops. This can be done by making a mold from wood and filling it with cement. After the cement has hardened and cured, you can paint the finished product in a bright color so your tenants will be able to see them from a distance and at night.

Fixing Paint Lines

Repaint the lines on your parking lot after you have made other necessary repairs. Having guidelines in between your parking spots will ensure each person will get a spot. If you do not have guides, your tenants may park too far apart, wasting valuable space. Consider numbering spots if you are limited on space. Each tenant can be given a number for each vehicle owned and they will be able to use the same spot each time they pull into the parking lot.

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