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Steps To Empty Flushable Portable Toilet Containers

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Portable toilets are a convenient investment for events, festivals, concerts and even alternatives when your home's plumbing is in the midst of repair. Unlike a traditional toilet that routes waste away from the home through the plumbing, flushable portable toilets need to be emptied. Cleaning out the tank isn't always a popular job, but understanding how it's done can make the process easier. Here's a look at the steps you need to follow to clean out your flushable portable toilet.

Knowing When to Empty It

Make sure that you have the technician show you how to monitor the level in the tank when the toilet is delivered. This can vary from model to model, so it's essential to ask about it. Try to empty it before it's completely full to make the process a bit easier.

In most cases, there's a "T" handle located near the base of the tank. You can pull that handle out to see into the bottom of the tank. If there's waste visible near the top of the opening, it's time to clean it out. And, if the toilet is going to sit unused for several days, such as if the construction site will be shut down for a week's vacation, you'll want to clean it out before you leave.

Cleaning it Out

Pump water into the toilet bowl through the flush reservoir. Add some of the disinfectant provided with the toilet in the opening of the waste reservoir. Don't pour anything other than water into the toilet bowl itself, though, or you may damage it.

Pull the "T" handle out again, and then empty all of the water in the reservoir. Once you do that, close the opening and replace the handle. Separate the top and bottom of the toilet by unlatching the pieces from the toilet base. Don't lift the toilet until you confirm that the reservoir is actually closed, though.

Empty the Container

You have two choices to dispose of the waste in the reservoir. In some areas, you can take it to a dumping station where they will empty it and then clean it out for you. Otherwise, you can empty it in a working toilet. Unscrew the cap that's located on the back of the container and flush the contents down the toilet. Then, rinse the reservoir out completely. Add some disinfectant to sanitize the inside of the container. Replace it under the toilet and secure the toilet back in place.

Flushable portable toilets are more convenient for areas where cleanliness and sanitary conditions are of concern. If you are looking for a way to provide restrooms for your event or job site, you'll be able to empty the containers with these tips. Contact a company like AAA Pumping Service for more tips on maintaining flushable portable toilets.